GenePharma's latest research result published in Science Translation Medicine

Post Time:12-12-18
GenePharma cooperated with Dr. Song Erwei from Sun Yat-sen University and Dr. Wang Jun from University of Science and Technology of China found a new method to targeted delivery PLk1-siRNA into Her2+ Breast cancer cells. This result was published in the April 18th Science Translation Medicine,and the title of this article is "Targeted Delivery of PLk1-siRNA by ScFv supress Her2+ Breast Cancer growth and metastastis".

In the 6-year project, the researchers utilized the fuse expressed single strand antibody and protamine to targeted deliver the siRNA oligos to supress the expression of Polo-like kinase, a gene cruial to the Mitosis , to inhibit the Her2+ Breast Cancer cells' growth and metastasis. This research provide a promising  new method to cure the Her2+ Breast cancer.
GenePharma had cooperated with Dr Song and Dr. Wang servial times before, and published 3 papers in the Journal of <ACS Nano>. 
Until 2012, the GenePharma's clients have published over 1800 research papers in the peer-reviewed journals, the number is ranked NO.3 in the worldwide RNAi companies.