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The first problem we meet for the application of siRNA is to design the sequences. Although there are quite a lot principles for the designing of published sequences and quite a few companies supply on-line design service, up to now, no software can guarantee the efficiency of the oligos designed.

Shanghai GenePharma Co, Ltd. and our collaboration laboratories have been involved in RNAi research for some time. For each specific gene target, if 4 pairs of oligos were designed and synthesized, normally you will have at least one pair showing 70% down regulation.

Our price: 2OD, PAGE purified, $89/pair

*We provide free delivery when order is over $1,000 or €1,000. Payment terms are 30 days. We accept cheque or wire transfer into our USD account.

 Specifications of siRNA Oligos:

Quality Control:
All our siRNA oligos undergo vigorous process monitoring and strict quality control. Length and labeling are systematically controlled by PAGE or mass spectrometry analysis. Quantity is systematically validated by UV absorbance at 260 nm.

Purification: Fully deprotected and desalted.

Purified by PAGE or RP-HPLC upon request

Length: 19 to 23 mers
Bases: RNA (A, C, G or U)
DNA (A, C, G or T)
Backbone: Phosphodiester bond
Labels and modifications: Fluorescein, biotin and phosphate: 3’ or 5’end
Other labels available upon request
Format: Single-strand RNA oligos is delivered in dry form

Storage and stability

Although oligonucleotides are stable in solution at 4°C for up to 2 weeks, we recommend storage should be at -20°C. Repetitive freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided by storing as aliquots. For long-term storage, siRNA oligos should be dried.

Oligonucleotides with fluorescent labels should be protected from light. We guarantee our oligonucleotides for six months, when stored under the above conditions.

Shipment: Shipped by express delivery, dry in individual, transparent tubes.

Oligonucleotide Technical Data Sheet

Oligonucleotides are delivered with an Oligonucleotide Technical Data Sheet, which includes oligonucleotide name, sequence, concentration, precise quantity in OD and nmols, Tm , MW, size, extinction coefficient and purification data.

Services available upon request

  1. Aliquoting
  2. Free design support
  3. Additional services may increase turn-around time

Ordering:Please fill in the following order form and send it to: or by fax to:00862151320295 our staff will confirm with you asap.

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