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RNAi technology has broad application prospects in a challenging post-genome era and will continue to propel new technological revolutions in biomedical research and disease treatment. GenePharma is proud to be a part of this promising industry.
Company Introduction

GenePharma (NEEQ: 430601) is a biotech company focusing on RNA-based technologies, -services and -supplies. Our culture is defined by clear values: Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, and Innovation.

GenePharma has established a comprehensive RNA manufacturing facility to provide a wide range of open-access technology platforms and services for RNAi, gRNA, mRNA therapeutics and RNA biomarkers. Using our RNAi technology, GenePharma supports contract researchers in their aim to unravel gene function in healthy and disease systems, and to develop therapeutics using CRISPR-based genome editing or RNA-based drugs.