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  • Introduction

    GenePharma (NEEQ: 430601) is a biotechnology company that researches and develops RNA based technologies and products headquartered in Suzhou, with operations in Shanghai and Suzhou in China. The company develops and provides innovative, reliable, high quality oligonucleotide including DNA/RNA, RNAi and miRNA products, as well as diverse oligonucleotide related research and development (R&D) services. GenePharma has established a comprehensive oligonucleotide manufacturing facility, and provides a wide range of open-access technology platforms and services including RNAi/miRNA function studies, high throughput screen (HTS), Next-generation sequence (NGS), CRISPR, lentivirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV), adenovirus (ADV), trans-genetic models etc. These are all designed to enable efficient development of medicines for customers and support for contract research programs. The company’s technology uses RNAi made of nucleotide analogs targeting the key genes to produce therapeutic effect in vivo and treat a wide range of diseases, including those that cannot be effectively treated with existing methods to develop and manufacture drugs.Meanwhile, GenePharma also uses the RNA based platforms to develop clinical diagnostic products and mRNA candidates to encode proteins that achieve a therapeutic benefit.

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