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Lentivirus shRNA vector
GenePharma could product high quality Lentivirus shRNA shuttle vectors suitable for in vivo research.

Lentiviral shRNA Vectors

GenePharma can produce high quality Lentiviral shRNA vectors suitable for in vivo research. GenePharma’s Lentivirus shRNA shuttle vector is compatible with the 3 vector and 4 vector packaging systems. Clients could easily package lentivirus using the combined shRNA vectors. The procedure is as follows:

  • Based on the information (gene sequence or Gene ID) provided by the clients, we design the shRNA sequences with special software. Generally, we will design four sequences.
  • The clients choose one of GenePharma’s lentiviral shRNA vectors to construct the recombined shRNA vector.


  • Synthesize the DNA double strand sequences and linear process the vectors. Then link the shRNA sequence with the vector, and screen the recombined target. Finally, sequence the vector, and provide the recombined LV shRNA vectors to clients.